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IT Service/Asset Mangement Tools
Configuration Management Tool(PHP,VBA & RDBMS)
As a storage of IT assets
The configuration management tool provided by NIC is a tool to store IT assets like souce code, design documents. Once the asset is stored with the asset manager's approval, its modification must be strictly controlled by the manager, so the tool is built with the special workflow engine.

As a library
If you use the configuration management tool provided by NIC, you will never refer to the old-versioned document. Though the file system like share folders or local disk is good to save draft documents, the configuration management tool should be used instead, to store document once it became the asset of your organization or your client.
Configuration Management
Job Scheduler's Add-on Tool
The following products are built with VBA(Visual Basic for Application), Microsoft Corp..

Project Management Tools for large scaled system development projects
WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) Manager
Progress/Risk Management Reports for management
Quality Management Reports in testing phase
Quality Report


Project Management Support, PMO for large scaled IT projects
Management Tools Development
System Consulting