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Pricing Scheme

The pricing scheme is as followings.
In order to establish the continuous HRD process and firm the foundation of the employees' growth in your company, we strongly recommend to choose C1-HRD.

Initial set-up & usage fee of the product

The price does not depend on the number of the user licences, and the maximum number of users in single server can be up to 2,000 users with following cost. In case when the number of users exceeds 2,000, we will quote the cost after estimating the necessary hardware performance.
Initial Set-Up Fee *1 One Time Only 1,000,000JPY
Usage Fee*1 Per Month 50,000JPY
Initial Package(Optional) One Set 500,000JPY

Professional Services

HRD Program Development Service *2 Per course 300,000JPY
*1 The items are a minimum set and charged for use of the product.
*2 The price is assumed that the contents consist of approximately 30 pages excluding neither voice nor video.
*3 Tax is not included.