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C1-HRD, the elearning platform, promises your oranizational growth.

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Now matter how the product/service is good, the business cannot keep going unless it is powered by the good organization. To be always good, the employees' growth is crucial and it can not be behind to the technological advance.

Training vs HRD (Human Resource Development)

How much/fast an adult person grows depends on his/her effort, curiosity, motivation or maybe luck. However, the employees' growth should be managed by the organization, because it leads to the organization's growth. Therefore it must be committed.

C1-HRD is a HRD solution to promise your employees' growth. Followings are the differences between "training" and HRD.

Training HRD
Material available in market should be self-making
Output knowledge capability
Measurement test score achievement

We, NIC, proudly propose our brand new elearning platform, C1-HRD which meets all requirements in above, together with our professional services.

What is C1-HRD?

C1-HRD is a web based elearning platform which works either in the cloud environment or in the intranet and it has the following features.
  • Easy contents set-up
  • Multimedia Enabled
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multilingual System