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Features of product/service

Functional Features

Multilingual Support

Though the human resource development programs of any organization should be implemented based on its uniformed institution, it becomes more difficult as the organizational size gets larger. Especially the global companies may have to provide their training courses with the mother language in every region.
C1-HRD, responding to this requirement, has a multilingual dictionary so that every participant can take the course in his/her mother language.

Flexible contents management

The role to prepare the human resource development programs should not be assigned only to the human resorce department.
Generally one program consists of various categories and a company has at least one expert for every category. Some examples are as followings;
  • An expert in the quality control department, to prepare a quality control procedure
  • An expert in the IT department, to prepare an IT security management course
  • An expert in the adminsitration department, to prepare a material to learn the compliance
  • An expert in the human resource department, to prepare a set of orientation programs for the brand new employees
The experts in above are called as "Course Manager" in C1-HRD. The course manager is able to perform operations in below;
  • Uploading self-prepared contents
  • Creating questionnares and test
  • Analyzing & Downloading the history

Multimedia Enabled

C1-HRD accepts contents as not only pictures but also voice & video files. In order to meet the goal of "Human Resource Development", making use of voice and video medias is very nice idea to enlarge "the power of message" of the contents, like an example of new-comers' orientation course as followings;
  • Message from the founder about why he/she started the business(video)
  • Message from the CEO about what he/she expects to new comers(video)
  • Overview of the current product/service(presentation picture x multiple pages)
  • Interview to the person in charge of the manufacturing control about how he/she loves the product(video)
  • About the career steps from the human resource department(picture with voice x multiple pages)

Moblie Friendly

The course-takers can take courses/tests not only via PC but the following mobile devices at anywhere and anytime.
  • iPhone
  • Android

Technological Features

All in one database file

All contents uploaded in the virtual server in the cloud environment are stored in one database file as binary data, not as files. Normally, multimedia objects like JPEG or MPEG format files are structually stored in single file format in the file system. Whenever a course started, each file is retrieved from the file system and opened.
On the other hand, C1-HRD stores each file in database as single record, it explodes the binary data when the course started. It brings the following advantages;
  • Fast contents delivery from the server to the browser(smooth page break etc.)
  • Fast backup & restore
  • Easy migration (when scale-up, or DR:Disaster Recovery)